Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Presenting my self

My name is Bruno Martins Stuani (yes America!! I do have a middle name), a Brazilian guy who loves computer related engineering stuffs - since you are here I assume you don't wanna know what else I'm interested in right? Maybe in some other non-technological Bruno Stuani's personal blog. Worked for several companies including Google Inc. due to a self acomplishment engineering related hack/plugin I have developed for Google Talk.

And... how can I contribute the world?

Basically sharing my ideas with people that are really interested in learning how to be a really good hacker. There are places that people confuses the word "hacker" with something bad and there are places that the word "hacker" is used to describe the ability to take control over the computer, and this is what I mean.

Also if you think a blog is suposed to have only fun stuff, screw you! This is a technical blog!

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